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Andy Rojas Jr.

JCB_Boulder Fair_080315_02 v2

Andy Rojas Jr. in 2015

Andy over-sees all of the “JCB” business activities as well as performing the sound engineering for the band. As one of the co-founders of the “JCB” Andy primarily provides lead vocals along with contributing alto sax to the “JCB” Horns. Possessing a high tenor range he brings audiences a joy and charm that leaves the room wanting to hear more. His powerful, graceful, melodic voice brings the songs, their characters and lyric to life.

Background information
Birth name Aniseto Andy Rojas Jr.
Born (1942-06-18) 1950 – Erie, CO.
Genres Rock * Pop * R&B * Country
Instruments Vocals * Bass Guitar *Alto Sax
Years active 1961–present
Associated acts Vibratones * Pop 4 * Penny’s Worth of Now * Willow * Toyz *
CPR * Joe Cool Band
Notable instruments
Höfner 500 * Rickenbacker 4001 * Spector 5 String * Yamaha YAS-23 * Ampeg SVT

Joe DeMott Jr.


Joe DeMott Jr. in 2015

After seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show there was no doubt Joe was going to play music. He started his professional career at the age of 15 playing drums in the local clubs and for private events. As the other co-founder of the “JCB” Joe provides lead vocals for the band. His smooth as molasses baritone voice is sure to wow audiences and his vocal abilities are far reaching, being able to sing many different styles of music.

Background information
Birth name Joseph John DeMott Jr.
Born 1953 – Stamford, CT.
Genres Rock * Pop * R&B * Country
Instruments Vocals * Drums * Acoustic Guitar
Years active 1968 – present
Associated acts Chapelton Lane * Willow * Joe Cool Band
Notable instruments
Ludwig/Premier Drums * Paiste/Zildgian Cymbals

Jeff Watne


Jeff Watne in 2015

Where there is groove, there is bass. In this case it’s Jeff Watne. As an accomplished bassist Jeff buries it “deep” and moves seamlessly between many styles of music. Jeff brings a level of experience to the “JCB” that many would be hard pressed to find. “In the Pocket Baby”!!!!

Background information
Birth name Jeffrey Bruce Watne
Born 1952 – Denver,CO.
Genres Rock * Pop * R&B * Jazz * Country
Instruments Vocals * Bass
Years active 1963 – present
Associated acts Blue Angels * Deputy Dog * Head First * Rags & Bones * Sanpaku * Twice Shy * Wild Blue * Men From Mars * Joe Cool Band
Notable instruments
Carvin PB5 Series * Yamaha BB Series * Mark Bass Amp * Flashback X4

Eric Wollan


Eric Wollan in 2015

Here comes the BOOOOOM! Setting the tempo and laying down the groove for the “JCB” is Eric Wollan. Eric picked up the drums sticks at the age 6 when his grandfather taught him to play snare drum. During his elementary and junior high school years he studied drums with Dallas jazz great Charlie Hamilton. Eric continued honing his skills and studied symphonic percussion with Mitchell Peters, principal percussionist with the Dallas Symphony and later the LA Philharmonic. There are no forms of music he doesn’t enjoy and embrace as a valid art form!

Background information
Birth name Eric Wollan
Born 1950 – Cedar Rapids, IA.
Genres Rock * Pop * R&B * Funk
Instruments Drums * Vibraphone * Xylophone * Marimba * Keyboards * Bass Guitar
Years active 1969 – present
Associated acts Heaven and Earth * Roundtree * Kid Sister * The Willies * Johnson Brothers * Leroy X and the Xcitations * Joe Cool Band
Notable instruments
Rogers Drums/Hardware * Zildgian Cymbals

Dave Peters

Dave-2Dave Peters in 2015

Dave Peters has 45 years as a professional playing mostly original music over the years but also a wide variety of club experience. He is the utility man of the band playing tenor and alto sax, keyboards and guitar. Dave brings a unique approach to some of the great signature solos that help to create the fabric of the “JCB” sound while adding his own swizzle and swagger to the band’s sound. He has extensive recording experience and continues to write and produce original music when not performig with the “JCB”.

Background information
Birth name David Brandon Peters
Born 1951 -Fremont, NE.
Genres Rock * Pop * R&B * Jazz * Classical
Instruments Alto/Tenor Sax * Keyboards * Acoustic Guitar
Years active 1970 – present
Associated acts Alexis * Stargazer * Danny Holien * Jinx Jones * Kid Sister * Wild Blue * Johnson Brothers * The Rockaholics * Idol Youth * Leroy X and the Xcitations * The Rotisseries * Straight Up Cookies * Joe Cool Band
Notable instruments
Selmer Tenor * Yamaha YAS-23 * Korg X-5 * Korg X-50 * Alvarez Acoustic Guitar

Kevin McCabe

JCB_Boulder Fair_080315_04 v2

Kevin McCabe in 2015

Kevin McCabe primarily provides guitar for the “JCB”. Honing his musical skills since a young age has given Kevin a wide range of experiences. He brings heart, soul, technique, experience and a tremendous level of work ethic to his art. His passion and goal is to ensure that the listener becomes emotionally involved with every performance. He has been a driving and creative force in dozens of successful musical projects ranging from his former home location of New York to Florida and in recent years, Colorado. The “JCB” is so fortunate to acquire such a talent!

Background information
Birth name Kevin McCabe
Born 1950 – Mt Krsco, NY.
Genres Rock * Pop * R&B
Instruments Vocals * Guitar
Years active 1961 – present
Associated acts The Backline * Loveland Choral Society * Joe Cool Band
Notable instruments
Suhr S1 Koa * Suhr Custom Telecaster * Fender Stratocaster * Gibson Les Paul Gold Top * Taylor 613CE * Martin D41 * Takamine NP15C

Ryan Cavis

Ryan-1Ryan Cavis in 2015

Rounding out the “JCB” horns and hitting those “High Register” notes on trumpet is Ryan Cavis. Ryan began playing trumpet long before he realized it wasn’t as cool as being a guitar player.  Heavily influenced by jazz throughout high school, he decided it would be in his best effort to get a music degree in Eau Claire Wisconsin, where he played in many jazz and orchestra ensembles.  Continuing to certify his skill he enrolled into the University of Illinois to further pursue his music credentials. He has studied with many trumpet greats, including Robert Baca, Bill Adam, Dr. Michael Ewald and Ronald Romm.

Background information
Birth name Ryan Cavis
Born 1982 – Minneapolis, MN.
Genres Rock * Pop * R&B * Jazz
Instruments Trumpet * Flugelhorn * Accordion
Years active 1999-present
Associated acts Flatirons Jazz Orchestra * Loveland Choral Society * Joe Cool Band
Notable instruments
Bach Trumpet * ACB Flugelhorn * Hohner Accordion

Randy Miotke

Randy Miotke in 2015

Playing keyboards and trumpet for the “JCB” is Randy Miotke. The son of a big band musician, Randy was playing music with his father at a very young age. Continuing to hone his skills Randy studied music at Colorado State University, and recording engineering with Rich Pierceall at Paragon Sound. In addition to bringing multiple years of live performance experience to the band he has had the joy of engineering and producing on a number of album projects with some great artists and friends over the last 40 years.

Background information
Birth name Randall Lee Miotke
Born 1958 – Chicago, IL.
Genres Rock * Jazz * Blues * Avant-Garde
Instruments Trumpet * Keyboards
Years active 1974 – 2015
Associated acts Rare Moment * Events International Show Bands * Cosmosis * Skratch * Lonna Miller Band * After The Fire * Usual Suspects * The Backline * Biota * Neo Montage * Loveland Choral Society * Flatirons Jazz Orchestra * Joe Cool Band
Notable instruments
Yamaha MOXF8 * Roland VR-700 * Roland JX-8P * Besson 70 & E.K. Blessing Trumpets

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